Artist Statement

Everything, whether man-made or natural, has order and structure. How they are respected, modified, or disrupted, influences my artistic journey. I utilize watercolor to invoke emotion from the viewer. I want the viewer to abandon their pre-conceptions and contemplate what I am suggesting.

Through my acts and gestures, non representational images evolve resulting in celebrations of color and the exploration of surface and texture not found in traditional brushwork. As the painting looks back at the viewer, a conversation is begun and a relationship started, allowing one to mentally perceive what they cannot see with their eyes.

From a Patron...

"It is both a pleasure and delight to have an exquisite, and captivating collection of original watercolors by Mr. Stu Chait, AIA grace our accent wall in the reception area of our office. This evocative, imaginative and colorful four piece series – "Leaf of Wisdom" – regularly receives comments centered regarding its vibrancy, abstract intrigue and poetic expression.

The biophilic character of this artwork enhances the space by elevating and enriching the physical characteristics of our environmental setting; serving as a constant reminder of how art adds value to the sense of place, serves to evoke creative thought, illuminates our senses, and underscores the artistic relevance to faculty, staff, and visitors alike."

Dennis A. Andrejko, FAIA
Head, Department of Architecture
Golisano Institute for Sustainability at Rochester Institute of Technology

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Stu Chait Watercolor AbstractionsFalling Voices: Visit Gallery

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Stu Chait Watercolor AbstractionsM.1 detail: Visit Gallery